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Germany again

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber (9)

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Another town that we have visited before. On our last visit we only had a few hours to explore and we promised ourselves that we would return. So, here we were.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a wonderful walled, medieval town with many fantastic historic buildings.  We parked up in the Stellplatz which is just outside the town’s walls. It was crowded and we could not get any electric hook up nor could we find a level pitch. The ticket machine was a real challenge. It would only take coins and the overnight charge was €10. Quite expensive if you cannot get electric!

We spent the late afternoon and the following morning exploring the lovely town (see photos below).

(above) the town walls are complete with the oak beamed and tiled roof. There are many towers and gateways. Around the outside of the walls are pathways and large trees.

(below) we discovered Käthe Wohlfart’s Christmas museum and shop. Inside (below right) the shop rambled on forever and the collection of Christmas items was just mind boggling! Click on the logo (right) to see more!

By lunchtime we had explored enough. We had searched for a jewellers as it was Desnée’s birthday and she had her eye on a particular watch. The search was unsuccessful. Although we were intending to spend a second night on the Stellplatz at Rothenburg o.d.T. we decided to move up the road a few miles.  Camping Paradies Franken, at Simmershofen allegedly had a nice restaurant.

Simmershofen (9)

Camping Paradies Franken was a lovely, small site and yes, it had a good restaurant. The site facilities were modern and clean. A good site to remember for future journeys. It is in the middle of farmland but it is an excellent overnight stop. Click on the logo below for more information.

We enjoyed a very pleasant evening meal with Cath and Mike, Ken and Georgina and John and June.

Next day we were heading northwards again to join up with the German Carthago owners club meeting in Hofgeismar.

Hofgeismar (10)

Hofgeismar is just north west of Kassel. It was an easy journey on autobahns until we reached Kassel. The city of Kassel was very busy and our SatNav took us bang through the city centre – arrrgh! Should have looked at the map and avoided the city!

Hofgeismar used to be a walled town and outside the old walls there is a green park for about 100 metres before the more recent buildings start. This strip is a delightful town park. It was on this strip that 100 Carthagos gathered for 4—5 days.

We were guided to our pitching position and within a few minutes we were connected up to the temporary electrical distribution system. All very efficient and as always we were made to feel very welcome.

Adjacent to our parking area was a building which was previously used as a gynmasium—this was used for our evening meals and entertainment.

There were just four British Carthagos attending but the organisers went out of their way to ensure we understood and were involved in the full program.

On the Thursday we had an opportunity to explore Hofgeismar town and an English speaking guide took us on a tour of the town. Many more timber framed houses so, we will spare you of any further photos. Here the buildings were not in such a good state of repair. Hofgeismar has always been a relatively poor area and it was evident that funds were not available to maintain properties.

In the town centre was a rather interesting bronze statue. During the 30 Years War, which started in 1618, the town was besieged by Swedish troops. The siege went on for a considerable time and was a stalemate. Legend has it that it was agreed that to decide the outcome a soldier and a citizen would throw dice. If the town won it would be left intact and the besieging army would disperse. If the army won then the town would fall to the army.

The army threw the dice first and rolled 11. They were ecstatic and believed that they could not be beaten. The citizen threw the dice and rolled 12!!!  The dice on the stones show a double 6. The expression of the soldier says it all.  Good story and an impressive piece of art!


The Friday was October 3rd which is a public holiday in Germany to celebrate the re-unification in 1990. We had a group outing by coach and boat. The day dawned with a thick mist but by midday the sun was out and we had a wonderful day out.

(below left) 4 coaches disgorge 200 Carthago owners on to the river bank

(below right) our cruise boat emerges from the mist

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