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Italy & Austria

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Sexten, Italy (7)

Caravan Park Sexten claims to be ‘Unique in Europe’. It is probably one of the best campsites in Europe and offers an amazing range of services and facilities.  Click on the logo (above right) to find out all about it.

The photo (below) is taken from our front door at Caravan Park, Sexten. What an amazing view!!

This is not really cycling country but there are some wonderful walks both from the site and in the surrounding area. A bus runs every 30 minutes and stops right out side the campsite.

The campsite has its own, well stocked supermarket, delightful restaurants, bars, swimming pools, saunas, fitness and therapy facilities. You really do not have to travel into the neighbouring towns if you do not wish to—all your needs are catered for!

Caravan Park Sexten rates very highly in our favourite sites table! We have been here before and will almost certainly be back again.

Below, a few snaps to whet your appetite ! 

(below) the view from Nemesalp mountain hut. A 2 hour uphill walk from the campsite.

(left) John, June, Cath and Mike spellbound at the top of the Bad Moos cabin lift.

(below left) looking east from top of the Bad Moos lift.

(below) John, June and Desnée take a breather on the walk to Moos village.

(below) High above the campsite a babbling stream runs alongside the footpath.

(above) This life can be so challenging—do you like the toe nails?


(below) Wow!  Spectacular views make the journey all worthwhile!

We were at Sexten for 6 days all of which were warm and sunny. The nights were cold, dropping down to 2C some nights but then we were nearly 1 mile high. The air was fresh and invigorating and the stars at night took your breath away.

All too soon it was time to move on again. Our destination was in the Austrian Tyrol. Normally, we could use the old Brenner Pass road to get back into Austria and avoid the need to buy a GoBox to pay the motorway tolls for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. However, luck was not on our side. According to our group’s Sat Navs the route was not accessible to us which left us with two options. 1. retrace our steps, back the way we came in. This was a very long way round. Or 2, bite the bullet and splash out €80 each for GoBoxes.

We believe the old Brenner Pass road had suffered land slips, like the Felbertauern tunnel route. Indeed, as we approached the Brenner we saw ‘Diversion’ notifications, for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, which said there was no choice but to use the A22 autobahn. We had to go with option 2.

In view of the only toll free alternative being a very long route we consoled ourselves that we had saved a significant amount of money on diesel which ameliorated the cost of the GoBox. And, we can always use the Austrian motorways on future trips. The cost of the Box is only €5 the other €75 is advance payment of toll fees. If you wish, you can claim back the unused part of the toll fees as you leave Austria.

Using the toll route also meant that we by-passed Innsbruck town centre which saved us quite a bit of time.

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