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Wales & Ireland

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Our campsite in North Wales was Bryn Gloch which is in a beautiful location just north west of Snowdon.  We had stayed here before in 2010 when we held the spring Carthago Owners Gathering here.

We were welcomed by Kim and Eurig who run the campsite. In 2010, as a thank you token, we had given Eurig a Carthago baseball cap. New, it was a black baseball cap but Eurig has worn his ever since and as you can see it is now a little faded!  We presented him with a new cap for his loyalty and he promised to keep it safely until his present one wore out !!

In a few days time we were crossing to Ireland and fellow Carthago owners, Nigel and Sonia Wignall, who live near Llandudno, had very kindly agreed to store the Smart car for us whilst we were in Ireland. The very least we could do was treat them to dinner and so we arranged to rendezvous at Dylans in Menai Bridge.  (click on logo for more info).  The food was excellent and the views of the Menai Straits were just wonderful.  Recommended.

We had never been to Angelsey before and we were impressed enough to go back the following day to see a bit more of the island.

There are many spectacular views from the south side of the island looking back at North Wales and Snowdonia.  Beaumaris , in particular, was very scenic.  Sadly, it was another dull day and not very good for photographs.

(left) looking south from Beaumaris to the mountains of Snowdonia.

(above left) in Beaumaris, High Street.  The plaque over the doorway (left) says, “This house is one of the oldest in Great Britain and is listed amongst the historic Buildings od Angelsey”. “ “It was built about 1400”.

(above) Beaumaris Castle. A fine example.

There are two road bridges across the Menai Straits. Telfords original suspension bridge and the later double decked rail/road bridge originally built by Stephenson.  The Menai Straits have a vicious rip tide and it was and still is very precarious to cross by small boat. In between the two bridges there is an area known as the Swellies (below left) which is a notoriously dangerous piece of water when the tide is running.  There is a great viewpoint on the Angelsey side where the photo on the left was taken.  (below right) Stephenson’s Britannia Bridge.

A ground view of the Tubular Bridge

Back on the mainland, eorge was hoping to ride the West Highland Railway from Caernarvon to Porthmadog but when he found out the return fare he decided to settle for a photo of the train as it passed the Bryn Gloch campsite (right).

We explored Caernarvon again and were surprised to find the old walled town behind the Castle. We have visited Caernarvon before, several times, but had not realised the walled town was there.


Time to make preparations for our trip to Ireland. The first task was to drop off Smartie at Nigel Wignall’s work place in Conwy.

This was quite a drive but Nigel had kindly volunteered to drive George back again to the campsite at Bryn Gloch.

Nigel owns a motorhome hire business and he had kindly agreed to park Smartie in his secure compound whilst we were going to be in Ireland for the next three weeks.

If you fancy trying out the motorhome life in the North Wales or anywhere then contact Nigel at “Go Explore” and he will fix you up with one of his modern fleet of motorhomes. 

click on his logo on the right for more info —>

On a bright, sunny June day we crossed again into Angelsey, this time in the motorhome and drove towards Holyhead. Tomorrow we were to catch the early ferry to Dublin.

However, that evening we had arranged to rendezvous with 3 other Carthagos (6 people) at a small campsite just outside Holyhead.  We would be travelling together as a group for the next 3 weeks.

It was only a short trip to the campsite, Pen Y Llyn, and we arrived at lunchtime. The others arrived early afternoon.

What a delightful campsite. The owners were exceptionally welcoming, the campsite immaculate and the location and views were just amazing.

(left) Clear, blue sky at Pen Y Llyn campsite, north Angelsey.


Just about a mile away from the campsite you can see RAF Valley where the Red Arrows are stationed. There were training flights going on most of the afternoon which provided quite a spectacle for free!  If you like air displays you will love this site. If jet noise annoys you then this site is not for you!

Flying is only during ‘office hours’ so all is peaceful after 5:00pm

A short walk from the campsite is a hotel which provides excellent food and of course has a bar!

A longer walk brings you to a beautiful sandy bay with far reaching views back to Snowdonia (below). If you are stopping for a day or two you can walk along the beach into the small town of Rhosneigr.

If you are planning a trip to Ireland via Holyhead then we very strongly recommend that you visit Pen Y Llyn campsite as a stopover on your way to and from the ferry. If you are in a car then use the Hotel Cymyran.

Click on logos (below) for more information.

We all enjoyed a very good meal in the local ‘Hotel Cymyran’ (click on logo) and walked back to the campsite in the twilight at 11:00pm.  We had to be up early tomorrow to drive into Holyhead in time for the 08:30 ferry to Dublin.

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