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Mid August and it was time to hitch Smart car and head off to the Malvern showground. After that we were heading for Yorkshire to visit Adrian and Debbie (Desnée’s nephew and partner).

We were joined in Malvern by our friends Caroline and Bob in their Burstner.   The Malvern show was very enjoyable, as usual and the western themed evenings were entertaining with many people taking the opportunity to show off their western outfits. All very light hearted and plenty of line dancing for all ages.

On our way to Yorkshire we called in to the Farmers Arms at Lower Apperley, nr. Gloucester (below) to meet up with our friends from Cheltenham John and Jill Warwicker.   Priscilla and towed car took up rather a large chunk of the parking spaces!  It was good to see John and Jill again and we all enjoyed an excellent Sunday lunch.

(left) the evening entertainment at Malvern. A choice of live bands, line dancing (in front of stage) and a chance to show off your hats and outfits.

We arrived early evening at the Seat House CL site at Eshton, Nr. Gargrave.  It was a beautiful summer evening and this is truly a beautiful campsite.  Loads of space, good facilities and charming owners.

(right) Seat House Farm. Campsite centre distance.

(below) The  Tempest Arms, near Skipton where we had another excellent evening meal.

(below right)  Debbie ordered a small ice cream and meringue for dessert. It all disappeared!


(left) the local heron at Seat House kept us amused as it patrolled the camp field each evening looking for frogs, mice or anything edible in the longer grass by the perimeter walls.  It would wander around and then  stand stock still for several minutes. Suddenly its neck extended and it had found some unsuspecting, tasty morsel for dinner!

We took a day out to Settle. It was a bit cloudy but dry. There we found a really interesting gift shop where we purchased some lovely hobby horses for the twins. The shop was in the centre of Settle and is circled on the right in photo (below).


We had coffee and cakes in the Old Naked Man Café (on left of photo below) and there we fell in love with a set of china with photos of cows on the milk jug and butter dish (see right).  To our delight, the following day Adrian and Debbie turned up with one of each as a gift for us. So now, every breakfast time we are reminded them and our day out in Settle.

(left) the River Ribble flows through Settle and looks very picturesque but not very cheery on a dull day.


We walked upstream to Watershed Mill along a road that was almost a constant stream of quarry, 38ton tipper trucks which were outbound full of gravel and inbound empty. It must drive the residents demented!


Watershed Mill is a large sales outlet packed full of bargains of all sorts.  But most interesting, even for George, was a small shop selling fabrics for quilting. Quilting Antics.

The range of patterns and colours was amazing.  The shop owners were only too happy to talk about their craft and explained that there were tables for workshops and classes. Their enthusiasm was catching  and the photo (left) from the Quilting Antics website, says it all! 

Desnée and Debbie had a wonderful time rummaging through the fabrics and chatting to the staff.

Desnée came away with ‘just a small collection’ that she really needed!

Next day, was an outing on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.  We joined the train at Keighley and travelled the line up to it’s end at Oxenhope.   We were going to walk into town but the local council workers told us we would be much better off getting back on the train and going back down the line to Haworth.  So we did and were very pleasantly surprised by Haworth. It is well worth a visit.  The main area of interest is the steep Main Street and at the top, by the church, is the Parsonage Museum, which was home to the Bronte sisters.

(above left)  Haworth station

(above right) Haworth Main Street

(left)  Haworth  ‘people watching’


A very enjoyable few days but time to head home and beat the Bank Holiday traffic.


We’ll be back again to Yorkshire next year!

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