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Our last trip in 2012 was to Hurley, on the River Thames twixt Marlow and Henley on Thames.  The weather, although dull, was dry and we had a lovely few days with our friends, Bob and Caroline plus Keith and Frances.

The campsite was Hurley Riverside Park. Very nice site and almost right on the Thames path.

Our first outing was on bicycles to Marlow.  All was going fine until the towpath changed from a well hogged surface to a muddy footpath. After a few yards the bicycles became so clogged with mud that the wheels would not turn.  We had to spend a considerable time clearing out the mud and even dipped our bikes in the Thames to wash them!

We continued our journey to Marlow by road.

The café staff in Marlow looked down their noses at a bedraggled group of OAPs who were covered in mud. We were considerate enough to sit outside, despite the temperature but when the girls went in to use the facilities they were confronted by a “Can I help you Madam?”  Never mind, the food was good and they eventually realised we were just normal, if rather eccentric oldies. A younger couple of chaps sitting at the next table were very friendly and told us “Well this is Marlow, you know”.  They were joking.

(left) Three OAP containers    


 You get two OAPs per box.

(right) Time for a cuppa!


(l-r) Keith, George, Caroline, Bob and Frances

(left)  Last of the Summer Wine


Outside Ye Olde Bell in Hurley village

(right)   Washing the bikes in the Thames!




(below) Sitting outside the FEGO café in Marlow—waiting for our lunch!

The return journey to the campsite was along the roads on the south side of the river. A bit more dangerous but considerably less muddy!


The following day we abandoned any further attempt to cycle along riverside paths and took the bus from outside the campsite into Henley-on-Thames.

Can you spot that smug look of “We’ve got free bus passes”


A busy shopping day for the girls and another enjoyable lunch in a local patisserie.


Bob managed to find a Loch Fyne shop and bought himself a kipper.  Caroline said she was not cooking it in the motorhome!

All in all an excellent couple of days (three nights) to round off the year.    Now it is all down to planning our itinerary for 2013.


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